Choosing the Right Exercise Ball Chair Size For Sitting at Desk

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Exercise ball chairs have become a popular trend in recent years for promoting better posture, balance, and core strength. But with so many options available, choosing the right size for your needs can be challenging. A poorly-sized ball chair can lead to discomfort, instability, and even injury.

That’s why it’s essential to find the right exercise ball chair size that fits your body and preferences. In this guide, we’ll dive into the factors you should consider when selecting the perfect exercise ball chair size to make your choice much easier. Say goodbye to poor posture, and hello to a healthier, happy you today!

large size exercise ball chair size for active sitting- ball chair for desk

Choosing the right exercise balance ball size can be tricky. You will need to consider the maximum ball diameter. For an average person, a 65cm ball will do. However, you should consider your height and weight as well. You don’t want to buy a ball that’s too small or too large, since it may cause the ball to sink. In general, you should go for a ball that’s at least four inches larger than the chair’s height.

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The Right Exercise Ball Chair Size

Are exercise balls good for sitting at a desk?

When you’re at your desk, are exercise balls good for sitting at a desk and promoting proper sitting posture? Yes, they are. However, the perfect sitting position depends on your posture, your stance, and your torso. Your elbows should be bent slightly so that your forearm rests on the desk. Active sitting helps maintain the best posture and burns up to 4 calories per minute. Using an exercise ball at your desk requires that you brace your body to keep yourself on the ball. By bracing yourself, you’re keeping your muscles active and stronger.

When you buy an exercise ball for sitting at a desk, it’s important to choose one that fits your body size. You should purchase one that is four inches higher than your desk chair. To ensure a perfect fit, buy the ball from a store that offers returns. Make sure to test the ball first. You can sit on it while pumping up its diameter. Avoid sinking too far, as it can cause discomfort or injury.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and Satisfaction Guarantee, Purple
  • ALTERNATIVE DESK CHAIR: Created by leading health & fitness experts to improve overall well-being and provide an active outlet for having to sit for long periods of time
  • BOOST ENERGY LEVELS: Featuring the same yoga ball as the exercise guide, this chair helps to boost energy levels and increase productivity with an active body and a focused and engaged mind
  • RECOMMENDED USER HEIGHT: Designed for users 5' to 5'11" tall and fits most standard-height desks. For a taller chair, add 2 inches with Gaiam's compatible leg extenders, sold separately. 300-pound weight capacity.
  • INCLUDES: Removable 52-centimeter exercise ball, an air pump, an adjustable metal support bar, 4 easy-glide casters (2 back wheels lockable) and a desktop exercise guide to stay active
  • INFLATION INSTRUCTIONS: It may be necessary to re-inflate the ball after initial inflation to allow the ball’s material to stretch to its final size. Inflate ball with air, let stand for 24 hours, deflate 50% then fill again to 52cm height.
Trideer Yoga Ball Chair to Relieve Back Pain, Exercise Ball for Home Office & Desk Chair, Stability Ball for Yoga, Fitness & Workout
  • Improves Work Efficiency - As an upgrade to the traditional office chair, the yoga ball chair encourages good posture and consistent muscle contraction, which stimulates blood circulation and brings a heightened sense of focus and concentration during work or study.
  • Promotes Health at Work - This exercise ball can help to alleviate your chronic back pain, sciatica, and glute aches from too much sitting by strengthening your core muscles that support your spine and promoting mocro movements.
  • Fun Work Seating Option - Unlike the traditional office chair where you sit still all day long, this active seating provides you an outlet for excess energy by lightly bouncing and rolling on it. It alleviates your anxiety, stress, and boredom to boost fun, creativity, and better work performance.
  • Worry-Free Weight Capacity - The balance ball chair holds up to 150 kg / 330 lbs. The stability ball won't pop suddenly even if it's accidentally punctured by sharp objects. Instead, it allows the air to slowly release so as to avoid any injury.
  • Safe Materials - This exercise ball chair is made with your safety in mind. It complies with California Prop 65 requirements, which means the materials are free of heavy metals (Pb, Cd etc.) and 10 harmful types of phthalate, both of which have long-term adverse effects on reproduction and our overall health.
  • Unique Color Design - Each and every one of the office ball chair is hand painted by exceptional experienced artisans. Each one of them is one of a kind on the market. The unique color design will make your work space stand out and your life sparkle.
  • Lifetime Customer Service - We care about our customers deeply, so please never hesitate to contact us should any problem arise. Be it about the size or others, we'll go out of our way to solve any of your issues. Your satisfaction offered by our products and services is our pursuit!
  • TIPS – Be careful not placing the ball in contact with woodwork, wooden furniture and painted walls for long time. Please keep the ball away from your little pets during your practice, because their sharp claws may damage the ball
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ENOVI ProBalanceΩ Ball Chair, Yoga Ball Chair Exercise Ball Chair with Slipcover and Base for Home Office Desk, Birthing & Pregnancy, Stability Ball & Balance Ball Seat to Relieve Back Pain, 65cm, FG
  • 【Yoga Ball Chair】– It’s time to ditch those clumsy and boring ordinary office chairs that make your back sore and painful after sitting for long periods, meet this active flexible air seat recommended by many fitness experts and physical therapists to relieves fatigue and promotes proper posture.
  • 【Improve Focus while Stay Active】– Mind keeps concentrated, body free to mobilize, compared with traditional chairs, the revolutionary difference with a yoga ball chair is you can sit comfortably to focus on the task at hand while your core and leg muscles are still fully engaged, which in turn leading to higher energy levels and increased productivity.
  • 【Comfort and Safety】– First Generation ball chairs are merely simple combination of a yoga ball and ring base, which makes them dust and dirt magnet, it may stick on or even potentially harmful to your skin after a period of use. Equipped with anti-burst yoga ball support up to 600lbs weight and cozy machine washable slipcover, ProBalance is unprecedented comfortable, durable and easy-care.
  • 【Fit for Everywhere】– Searching for a desk chair? An exercise ball for daily fitness routines? Or just looking for a cute living room ottoman to take the weight off of your feet after a long day? This yoga ball chair can serve in these scenarios all perfectly well, why buy three when you can get all in one?
  • 【100% Satisfaction Assurance】- We stand confidently behind our products. Should you encounter any difficulties during use or simply not 100% satisfied with it, talk to our 24-hr online customer service staff, we will do whatever it takes to make that right, no hassle, no stress.
As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are exercise balls better than office chairs?

You might have heard of fitness balls before. They are inexpensive and colorful, and many of them claim to help you tone your core while you’re sitting on them. However, there are some downsides to using these balls at work. Before you invest in one, make sure you understand how they work and which ones are best for you. If you’re unsure, talk to your physical therapist or doctor. They can advise you on the best option for you.

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While exercise balls are great for strengthening your core muscles, they are not meant for long periods of use. In fact, experts recommend that you only use them for short periods of time, and only while you’re working out. Instead, opt for an ergonomic office chair or a sit-stand workstation. Walking is an excellent way to get your blood flowing while at work, too. Lastly, exercise balls should be used in conjunction with other office furniture, such as ergonomic chairs or sit-stand desks.

Is it good to sit on an exercise ball at work?

If you’ve been sitting in an office chair for years, you’ve likely wondered about the benefits of a stability ball. The stability ball requires the user to engage several muscle groups to keep itself balanced, making it more challenging than just sitting in a regular office chair. Studies have shown that sitting on a ball all day can negatively impact your posture and overall health. But is it really that beneficial to sit on an exercise ball at work?

A stability ball is a great tool for improving your posture, abdominal muscles, and core strength. Sitting on a ball can be uncomfortable, so make sure you are comfortable and keep your muscles activated. The benefits of a ball as an office chair can last as long as 20 minutes, so be sure to make the most of it.

Do Exercise Balls Work Better Than Office Desk Chairs?

Ball chairs or stability balance balls are great for strengthening core muscles, but their benefits are fleeting. The inherent instability of exercise balls forces you to engage your muscles to keep you from rolling around and falling. Many health experts recommend that you use stability balls for short periods of time while working. They are not intended to replace a traditional office chair, however. In addition, experts recommend that you use a standing desk or a sit-stand workstation.

One study has examined the effectiveness of stability balls for low back pain, comparing their effects on lumbar spine posture and trunk muscle activation. While many people are convinced that the ball helps improve posture and reduce back pain, there is limited research that proves the benefits of this chair alternative. One study found no significant difference between an office chair and a stability ball in muscle activation patterns. Another study found that using a stability ball decreased the rate of low back pain in people who did not use them as an office chair.

The use of stability balls is becoming more common in offices. Many organizations are taking steps to promote a healthier workplace environment. Some now provide standing desks and fitness balls. Some even offer gyms and recreational areas. Some organizations are even replacing their office chairs with fitness balls. Many people don’t have the time to get a good workout each day, and stability balls can help you stay in shape while you work.

Is it healthy to sit on an exercise ball at work?

If you have been wondering whether it is safe to sit on an exercise ball as a desk chair at work, read on. First of all, there are some serious drawbacks. Most importantly, you should consider the safety of your lower back. Sitting on a stability ball will not offer any back support. It will, however, increase core strength and could reduce back pain. Using a stability ball will also increase calorie burn and promote better posture.

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How long should you sit on an exercise ball at work?

The height and inflation of the ball chair are essential factors. The height should be high enough so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees, while your feet should be flat on the floor. In addition, it is important to be comfortable while sitting on the balance ball and make sure to rotate your core muscles in a clockwise direction to prevent back pain. Sitting on an exercise balance ball for a half-hour or longer each day should be a gradual process over time.

While sitting on ball chairs for half an hour can help with hemorrhoid pain, you should not be sitting on it for longer than 2 hours. Prolonged sitting too long can fatigue the muscles and cause soreness due to poor posture. Fully inflate the ball up to ensure that you feel like you are perched on top of the ball rather than sinking in it. If you find it hard to do this, try standing on the ball for a couple minutes.

What is the best size exercise ball to use as a chair?

Gaiam 610-6002RTL Balance Ball Chair - Classic Yoga Ball Chair with 52cm Stability Ball, Pump & Exercise Guide for Home or Office, Black
  • Boost energy & focus: Micro-movements from sitting on a balance ball chair work to engage the body and mind, leading to higher energy levels and increased productivity and focus at home, in the classroom at school or at your desk in the office
  • Recommended user height: Designed for users 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches tall and fits most standard height desks. For a taller chair, add 2 inches with the Gaiam Leg Extenders (Sold Separately) Weight Capacity = 300poundss
  • Ball chair includes: Removable 52 centimeter Exercise Ball, Chair Base, Support Bar, Metal Ball Holder, 4 Easy-Glide Caster Wheels (2 lockable), Air Pump, Desktop Exercise Guide (Minor Assembly/Setup Required – see packaging for details) Weight = 13pounds
  • Inflation notice: It may be necessary to re inflate the ball after initial inflation to allow the ball’s material to stretch to its final size. Inflate ball with air, let stand for 24 hours, deflate 50%, then fill again to 52 centimeter height

When deciding on which size of yoga exercise ball to purchase, you should consider the diameter of the desk chair you will be using. In general, an exercise ball size of 52cm will be large enough to sit comfortably, but you should consider other people’s body sizes as well. Generally speaking, you should purchase a ball that is four inches larger than the height of your chair. It is also important to note that the maximum diameter of a 65cm ball will diminish with use as it will lose air.

First, measure yourself. If you are using the yoga ball as a chair, make sure it’s inflated enough so you can sit comfortably. You should also choose a ball size that allows your knees to remain flat and your hips bent at a 90-degree angle. The easiest way to make sure you inflate your exercise ball properly is by measuring its height once it’s fully inflated.

A good way to get a precise measurement is to stand next to a wall without shoes on and mark where your head is. You can use a tape measure to do this. For those with back problems, longer legs, or who want to stretch, a larger yoga exercise ball size is better.

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A physical therapist at Nayden Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Connecticut says that an exercise ball chair will not provide lumbar support. While it may look cute, you have to get used to the idea of sitting properly to get the most benefit from this fully inflated chair. The majority of desk chairs take advantage of bad posture and back health. A ball chair is not one of them. It will be a great investment if you are serious about your health.