How to clean office chair upholstery? Tips and Tricks

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Every type of furniture needs regular cleaning be it your home sofas or office chair upholstery.

The furniture items that you regularly use require cleaning now and then so that they remain in their original form. With the right cleaning instructions, you can make the procedure simple and easy to follow.

If you have highly adjustable chairs then the chances of dust and dirt become high due to all the crannies and nooks they contain. This guide will depict the best solution for cleaning so that you can clean an office chair with the least possible effort.

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Quick Summary

Your office chair or office furniture also needs your attention because it gets dirty with excessive use. The major issue is people often clean the fabric of the chair and leaves the other surface as it is where the chances of dirt multiplies. Hence once in a while, you should give your office chairs a thorough cleaning.

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A damp cloth and dish soap solution would be enough if you are doing it on daily basis. However, proper cleaning should be done for the entire chair at least once or twice a month with the right tools and equipment.

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Tools and Materials For Cleaning Office Chair Upholstery

You must assemble all the required tools and materials before cleaning these office chairs to save time. To clean an office chair, all you need is:

  • Vacuum Cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Dish Soap or mild soap
  • Bowl or Spray bottle
  • Duster or clean cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Towel
  • Rubber Alcohol
  • Upholstery cleaner

To clean a chair you must have all these essentials.

How often you should clean office chairs

If you do daily cleaning, you only have to use water based cleaning solution to wash away all the loose debris. However, for deep cleaning, all it takes is 30 minutes to pull out all the stubborn stains from your office chair.

Whether you have a plastic office chair or a leather office chair that requires proper cleaning, these methods will be helpful in every regard. Now let’s begin cleaning.

1- Vacuum Chair to remove dust

It is important to wipe off all the lose dust particles before jumping into the deep cleaning session. From top to bottom, thoroughly apply the vacuum to collect all the dust, hair, lint, etc. For hard-to-reach spaces, get your hands on a damp cloth or compressed air and make sure to clear all the surfaces.

If you have a hand-held vacuum the cleaning becomes simple and straightforward. A vacuum with a brush attachment would be the biggest blessing because these tools help you clean every spot without any hassle. You can also use an upholstery attachment or wet cloth for this purpose.

2- Use Soap and Water Solution

The soap and water solution would be the most effective to remove common stains. Add a few drops of dish wash in water to make a mixture. Before applying the solution, wipe the chair with a cloth and add a mixture to a bottle.

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Now start spraying the chair but do not overuse the solution because it might harm your fabric office chair. Gently dab the soap or water solution with a cloth. Do not forget to clean the soap residue.

3- Rinse and Dry

You are done with the cleaning solution, it’s time to rinse your office chair and let it completely dry. Use another clean cloth over every surface so that nothing remains wet. Do not forget to dry the hard-to-reach areas of your chair. Ensure that you have removed all the moisture from the surface otherwise, it will make the situation worse. If you can not wait for long, use a wet and dry vacuum for this purpose.

So this is all to remove stains that are easy to be pulled out with a dish soap solution. What if you found tougher stains on your office chair that can’t be taken off with a simple solution? Let’s have a look at those methods as well.

1- Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the most productive and worthwhile cleaning solution for tough stains. For remaining dirt and stains, you can follow this cleaning method. However, this alcohol can not be used freely so do not forget to test it on unnoticed parts of the chair.

If everything goes well, put a few drops of this cleaning mixture on the stained part. Get your hands on a cloth or cotton ball and remove the residue. After some time air dry the fabric so that it quickly dries. If the stain is still there then go for another cleaning detergent or better repeat the process until you are successful because alcohol is the best stain removal.

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2- Use Vinegar Solution

What about using a vinegar solution that actually lets you get rid of every type of debris? If there is any tough stain on the office chair, use a butter knife to pull it off and then make a mixture of vinegar in warm water.

This water mixture will surely cover all the stain spots and will leave the chair clean and spotless. However, the use of vinegar also welcomes different unwanted odors so you can remove them with baking soda. It is one of the best water based cleaners to clean stains. Vinegar is also good to remove the dull spots from your leather office chair.

Whether you have leather chairs in the office or you want the cleaning process for your plastic chairs, these methods will prove to be the most productive ones.

Office Chair Upholstery Final Thoughts

Office chairs are the most used furniture items so ensure they are free from stains and residues. You can adopt different chair cleaning methods to keep them tidy and a few are mentioned above as well.

Whether you are following a liquid soap method for your office chair or you are good to go with dry cleaning solvents, every method is functional. Chair cleaning is as easy as it seems. I hope this guide will help you remove all the dust and debris from your office chairs.