Does a Monitor Arm Clamp Damage Desk Surfaces?

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Monitor arm damage can be a huge issue for any workspace organization, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right protection solutions, you can ensure your monitor arm stays free from damage and keeps your workspace neat and tidy.

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Is your screen compatible with monitor arms?

Before purchasing and installing a monitor arm or monitor mount, check your monitor for any type of fastening system or holes for grommets to attach. If your screen does have grommet holes but they don’t work with your mount, a grommet hole adapter kit is a good idea.

The vast majority of screens come with the ability to connect to a desk monitor arm, though some do not. There are always options available for those as well.

Why should I consider a monitor arm?

Who wouldn’t want to improve efficiency, reduce eye strain, or have better posture? Monitor arms are highly versatile, making it easy to switch between sitting and standing positions while working.

A monitor arm can be wall mounted or desk mounted, depending on what you are looking for in a workspace.

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What should you look for in a monitor arm or a dual monitor arm

When you’re looking for a monitor arm mount, keep an eye out for the following things:

  • mount type – is it a table mount or a wall mount?
  • mounting options (single monitor or two monitors?)
  • compatibility with your screen
  • size capacity of arms
  • weight restrictions on monitor arms (check the weight capacity of your monitor)
  • surface restrictions
  • stability of the monitor arm
  • space required behind the desk
  • height adjustment options (tilt, workstation proper ergonomics)
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Can you use a clamp monitor stand on a glass desk?

Only if the glass surface can handle the weight of both the monitor and the monitor arm. Manufacturers will often warn against using them on glass tops, so check the fine print before buying and look for glass-specific mounts.

Tips when mounting on a glass desk

The best monitor arm for glass surfaces will have a wide base for weight distribution and reduce strain on the glass.

To help minimize the risk of your glass desk shattering, place a wooden block between the mounting bracket and the desk’s surface.

Chose arms that are sturdy and move easily. A monitor arm that is hard to move will place even more pressure on your glass desk. If you have a very thin desktop, consider using a wall mount instead.

Computer Monitor Arms – will they work on my desk?

Most monitor arms have a good range of adaptability. If using a clamp mounting style, check the mount bracket to be sure it opens wide enough – or adjusts small enough – for your desk.

Measure your available desk space as well as the space around your desk before purchasing.

Desktop thickness is important as well, as thin desktops will not be able to hold multiple monitors or mounts.

Monitor mount on a wooden desk – will I get monitor arm damage?

There is the risk of scrapes and scratches to the table edge and table top when mounting a clamp style to a wooden desktop.

Reduce rubbing by holding the mount still while mounting and tightening the clamp housing or clamp jaws firmly. If the table means a lot to you, consider placing rubber padding between the table and mounting brackets. Or, buy wall mounts – especially if you have multiple screens.

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A bolt-style mount or through mount will incur damage to a desk, as they require the bolt inserted through both the table and the mount.

Will I find a monitor mount that works for me?

Remember – monitor arms are incredibly versatile. Need it to tuck back against the wall? There are arms that will do that. Looking for a height-adjustable monitor arm? Those are out there too. Make it work for you!

There are so many options available nowadays. Whether you need to create space in a crowded office or simply want to improve posture – or work at a standing desk – use a monitor arm mount that will work for you.

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