Do Monitor Arms Save Desk Space in Your Home Office?

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Are you trying to save desk space and wondering if monitor arms are the answer? Investing in monitor arms is a great way to increase your workspace productivity while maintaining an organized environment.

Find out now why do monitor arms save desk space and why they are worth the investment!

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Do Monitor Arms Save Desk Space?

Monitor arms – let’s clear valuable desk space

Monitor arms support and raise monitors to comfortable working heights while decluttering your workspace. A monitor arm, depending on the size and build, can hold anything from a tablet to a full-size gaming screen.

Are monitor arms worth it? A screen at a proper working height & angle can help reduce neck, back, and eye strain and the pain from not being able to view a monitor correctly.

The key is to be able to adjust the monitor’s height, angle, and depth to the best position in relation to your height, seating/standing style, and eye level. Monitor arms make a world of difference, and often lead to increased comfort while working, better health and less stress.

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A monitor arm offers a clean, modern look for your desk setup, removing the cluttered feeling of a clunky stand. Many monitor mounts include a cable management system, keeping those pesky cables and cords tidy and out of the way. Cables often look like a complete disaster, but multi-monitor arms are often equipped to keep that disaster tidy and organized.

Types of monitor mounts

Before you head down the rabbit hole of monitor arms, let’s chat about the different monitor arm options:

  • spring mounts
  • post mounts
  • wall mounts
  • rail mounts

High-end mounting options

Let’s start with spring mounts. These are your high-end, more expensive option for a monitor arm. But, in their defense, that added cost comes with amazing flexibility and adjustability. They are meant to move around and be precisely positioned in a roomful of people. This type of mount can swivel, tilt, and rotate in pretty much any direction – such as portrait mode.

Post mounts are less expensive and a great option for one monitor. A post monitor arm is more static but is still a strong, stable monitor stand with excellent connection to a desk. They cannot be moved nearly as extensively as a spring mount, but are a great option for personal workspaces. Post mounts are sturdy and a dual monitor arm works well on this style.

Mid range mounting options

Wall mounts are common among medical professionals such as doctors and dentists. These mount to a wall like a TV, and are easily moved in multiple directions. These monitor stands are often used as a single monitor arm instead of a dual monitor arm. This style of monitor stand is great for an at-home office where you don’t need the flexibility of a spring mount and don’t want anything attached to your desk.

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Rail mounts are less popular in home or office places, and instead are commonly used in the financial, medical, or security worlds. This style support monitors along a rail instead of having different monitor arms. Rail mounts accommodate monitors and can hold 6 or more at a time. They are heavy duty and built to hold multiple monitors at a time. While this style of the mount can look clunky, they actually have a range of customizations and adjustable options.

Does a dual monitor arm free up space?

Yes. Monitor arms do an incredible job of freeing up space and de-cluttering. They save space – always a huge benefit! – and a monitor mount adds a modern look to any desk. Any sitting or standing desk will definitely benefit from a monitor mount.

Do you need a single, dual or triple configuration?

This all depends on your job and screen requirements. Dual monitor mounts have mounting plates for several screens and are built to hold that weight. If you are consistently use more then a single monitor at a time, I’d suggest looking into a dual or triple monitor arm.

Always check your screens for weight and compare that to the weight restrictions on a mount. A mount supports monitors that stay within those, and can become wobbly or weak if too much weight is added. Two monitors mounted side by side is a game changer – you won’t regret going with a dual monitor arms instead of a single mount.

Always check the mounts

Always check the mounting plate on your monitor. Most monitors nowadays come with mounting options, though some cheap screens cannot have their stands removed. The VESA mount is a common style that most arms accommodate and most screens have the option for. You can quickly check by removing your monitor from the stand and looking for 4 screw holes.

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How much space do you need for a monitor arm?

The space requirements of a monitor arm depend on your screen size and the arm size. An important factor to keep in mind is the style of mount you purchased and the swing of it. Remember that any mount with a swinging arm will need room to fold back into. Port mounts require extra room behind the desk to avoid hitting the wall. Always measure your screen, and available space, and check the size of a monitor arm before purchasing.

Are Monitor Arms Worth It?

The short answer is absolutely if you work on a computer for extended amounts of time. Nowadays there are so many widely available options with an incredible number of styles, materials, and options for every type of use. No matter your aesthetic or style preferences, there is a mount available that will most likely suit your needs.

If you have been procrastinating about investing in a mount, it is worth it. Especially if you suffer from any kind of discomfort that comes from staring down at a screen that isn’t at the proper height. Plus, they clear your desk of clutter – giving you a fresh, clean area to be the most productive you can be.

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