What Office Chair Should You Get For Your Height

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As more people worldwide continue to work from home, finding the right office chair has never been more important. Sitting for extended periods can lead to discomfort, pain, and even severe health problems. One of the most crucial factors to consider is your height and how it affects your posture.

So, what office chair should you get for your height? We’ve got you covered! With our ergonomic chairs, you can choose the perfect fit and say goodbye to unnecessary stress on your body. Say hello to comfort and upgrade your workspace today.

We would have said computer seats, but there are other seats out there that are very suitable for your height. First, you have to understand that there is no standard height or a particular brand tagged as the best office chair. One thing you must consider before getting an office chair is your office space: you cannot probably go for large space office chairs or desks when your space barely accommodates a few large office gadgets.

The point is, getting the right office chair that suits your size forms the primary aspect of a typical ergonomic workstation. In this article, we will be listing the standard office chair height and the right type of chair that should give any user the consolation they deserve.

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As we have earlier stated, there is no universal standard seat height for office chairs; heights differ according to country. In North America for example, their adjustable level is tagged at 29″, while in some parts of Europe, 27″ is seen as the standard height. Again, the brand of office chair plays a major role as well (depending on the geographical location). Sometimes you find out that even the best office chair brands are not even cozy, more reason most of them come with adjusters.

These popular brands have measurements between 16” to 22” which is also seen as an ideal height in some parts of African countries. Some popular seat models and their supported standard heights include:

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Some of these seats might slightly be different in height when they come in second-hand office chair value. This is so because some of these brands always come with an adjuster, so the former user must have tampered with the original settings.

What Office Chair Should You Get For Your Height?

Types of Office Seats You Might Also Want to Consider

1. 24-Hour Seats

This type of seat is recommended for those who spend long hours at the desk, e.g. call center agents. They have been specially designed to withstand intense pressure and usually come with extra strong frames which are tightly padded and have little ergonomic adjustments. This office seat offers to give you the needed consolation you need because of its ability to be modified seamlessly.

2.  Big and Tall Seats

As the name stipulates, this is specifically designed for lanky individuals and those with a lot of weight. It is also very much adjustable which makes it possible for users to adjust to their preferred height, weighs 250 lbs, and is recommended for people who need more room in their office seats.

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3.  Computer Seats

This is the popular one, which is why even no computer handlers prefer them. It comes with rolling casters that ensure smooth movement while in an office space. It also comes with some inbuilt ergonomic adjustments that can be modified up to 17 inches in height and can be used by anybody.

Calculating the Height of Office Seats: Make Sure that your Both Feet Touch the Floor

There is a way to calculate the level of office seats. An ideal modern office chair is designed to suit all and sundry, but then you should play your part to get the perfect level that suits your consolation. This is the easy part, since there is no such thing as the most congenial office seat, you must modify it up to your preferred plush level.

Office Seat Level Calculator

Enter the height of your desk and the length of your legs in inches to determine the appropriate level for your office seat.

The appropriate seat level for your desk is inches from the ground.

Office Chair Heights

Height Range Standard Chair Height (in inches) Ideal Chair Height (in inches)
Under 5’0″ 15-16 14-15
5’0″ – 5’5″ 16-19 15-17
5’5″ – 6’0″ 19-21 17-19
Over 6’0″ 21-22 19-21

This will be easier if you sit on it, then keep adjusting until you find your fitted consolation plane – watch your knee level while in the process. Again, don’t over-adjust downwards, stop when both feet firmly touch the ground, which you are likely to achieve at a 90-degree angle. Failure to do this has some negative effects on the body, especially the backbone and knees.

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Calculating the Height of an Office Chair: Forearms Must be Parallel to the Desk

This is yet another way to compute the right comfort level of an office chair. For individuals who work with a computer keyboard and mouse, a suitable distance between the desk and seat is necessary for optimum performance. So, when you are out surfing for the coziest office chair to buy, check the forearms and make sure it equates to the modified seat level. Try to raise the height of the seat up to the elbow to form a 90-100° open angle.

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Health Benefits of Getting the Right Height for Your Office Chair

You have to also know that there are benefits that come from getting the needed consolation level of a chair. But when you are unfortunate, it is likely you may suffer from a circumflex humeral artery, and back pains.

Sitting on a chair where the consolation level is badly modified can also cause posture-related hazards that often affect the spine. When you are seated in this type of chair, the backbone barely moves, and when this happens, it can result in aches over time, which is common in the lower back area.

When this happens, the hip and circumflex humeral artery pains will likely follow suit. It is general knowledge that a bad sitting habit can lead to compression of the discs in the spine, thus, can trigger premature chronic pains.

Adjust your Chair According to Your Consolation Level

There are different chairs for different folks, the best office chair for rotund individuals might be a bit lower for taller but lighter humans. Below are some recommended chair heights for persons of different heights:

  • 7’2″ – 23.2 inches
  • 4’11” – 15.9 inches
  • 5’1″ – 16.4 inches
  • 5’3″ – 17 inches
  • 5’6″ – 17.8 inches

But note, that the above listed can differ according to the user’s body ratio. But in all, the most important thing is that the adjuster is working fine, and can push you up to the table level.

Advantages of a Perfectly Adjusted Chair

•  Supports Human Posture

With a sung office chair for home or office, you will be able to correct most of the bad postures. This is possible especially if you are using a steelcase leap chair. The designers did well in adding the most needed features that have the power to correct the user’s postural defects by just resting their head and back on the support area.

•  More Consolation

This is what you get especially when you are using a high-end office chair, e.g. a Sihoo Office Seats. Because of their user-friendly features, spending at least a day on such a chair helps calm your nerves, especially if the seat is made of a sofa.

Reduces Risk of Neck Pain

Setting your chairs to get the needed height is one, using the upper support area is another. A well-modified office chair prevents the stiffness of the cervix and shoulder, thereby reducing the chances of the user having cervical spondylosis.

Conclusion: A Brief Remark

You must understand that having the right adjustment to office chairs does not completely eradicate the problems workers encounter in their workplaces, but getting a fitting height for your office seat is a good place to start. Make sure that each adjustment suits you, even when your feet are touching the floor. But in all, make sure you are restful.

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