Best green screen backgrounds for chroma key photography and streaming

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A portable quality green screen with lights and stands is perfect if you’re looking for something that will work for streaming or photography in any kind of situation. The best green screen background is definitely not made from muslin, which is heavy and difficult to work with. Instead, it’s made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics like cotton and rayon, that are easy to work with but still able to work with chroma keying software. These fabrics can also work with chroma keying software like Snap-on Green Matte Green Colorkey Photography Backgrounds.

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The best portable green screen background backgrounds for streaming (and more!) are now easily accessible thanks to the Chroma Key Portable Green Screens. These are lightweight portable green screens that you can use with Chroma Key Green Screens to produce chroma key photography and streaming footage, and you can get the best portable green screens for streaming right now for just $19.99.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Choose the Best Green Screen Backdrop for Your Business

Choosing green screen backgrounds can be difficult for many businesses. You don’t always want to spend big bucks on professional backgrounds, especially if you’re just getting started out in video conferencing or webinars and need your background to look professional-looking.

Where to buy a Green Screen for Zoom

If you’re looking for the cheapest green screen for zoom (a portable version) we would go for a green screen chair. There are many options available depending on your budget (e.g. webaround green screens).

Browse Amazon for a Green Screen kit

Downsides Of Green Screens For Video Conferences

If you have already read about using Zoom-doo Green Screens for video conferences in this article, I would recommend you to go over that as well. In this article, I’ll give you an in-depth look at using Zoom-doo Green Screens for video conferences and you will learn the best green screen backgrounds for Zoom-doo. Let’s get to it!

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How to use a green screen for Zoom meetings

This section provides you the background of using a green screen for Zoom meetings, as well as how to get started in this article. You’ll learn how to set up Zoom meetings using Zoom? or Zoom???? and how to make them look professional.

Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant Photography and Video Backdrop

If you’re seeking wrinkle resistant backdrops that won’t wrinkle up too much, we’ve put in a lot of work to find the best camera-free green screen backdrops that will work with video conferencing software. Here are just three that we love!

Green Screen Buyers Guide

This is a great resource for getting started. It has a large amount of information about choosing your green screen, choosing equipment, getting background information and much more. The author also has a wealth of experience in using green screens, so he can offer advice on choosing equipment that will work for you.

What is the best green background image for Zoom meetings?

If you have ever used Zoom you know how handy this little feature can be to have it on your device to have the same image that your people see during their zoom meeting (or any of the other zoom-based video meetings).

The image that we like to use is the Collapsible Green Screen Backdrop by Jargon Free Green Screens which provides an even more green screen image to be used with your Zoom meetings and other video meetings.

This Collapsible Backdrop is made from wrinkle-resistant polyester and is easy to set up, takes about 20 minutes and is made using wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric that avoids light leakage.

Dimensions are 27 inches wide and 20 feet tall making it simple for you to store it on your desk chair or other items. Dimensions of your device will depend on your device type, but you will need a minimum of a 13.1 inch or larger display to use this Collapsible Backdrop.

10 Best Green Screen Background Options

The best green screen backgrounds are not only cheap to buy for your Zoom calls, but they are also quick to set up. You just need to ensure that you have enough background-only images, and you can use any background images as a background for your video calls.

Use a green screen to hide your surroundings

The best green screens to use are ones that let you hide your surroundings, like this Viziosound green screen from Vizio. The edges of this are easy to hide so you can make it look like it isn’t even connected to your office.

You can get even better results from this Vizio Soundbar Green Screen kit if you use the built-in lights and make sure that it doesn’t have any light leaking from your office, for example. If you need to get really professional results, you can use one that has an automatic light-shading process which makes it look like you just stepped into the Australian outback or the Australian Outback.

FAQs about using green screens with virtual backgrounds

The following are FAQs about using green screens with virtual background features and without. If you have any other FAQs that should go here, please let us know in the comments. If you need to get in touch with us, you can get a free Green Screen for Zoom account here or send an e-mail. We answer all e-mails within 24 hours.

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Neewer Chromakey Backdrop 2-in-1 Collapsible

It’s good to see that we finally have our own collapsible green screen for Chroma key photography! The Nodule Chromakey backdrop will help to transport you to another world and is collapsible, too! Dimensions: 120 x 60.76 x 60 inches. The Nodule is also collapsible, so take your own Chroma key to your next photography session or home office. The collapsible screen will work with the Nodule’s built-in stand.

Elgato Green Screen

The best green screens are ones that let you move and change around as you want. This Elgato Chroma green sheet will change from video to video as you move around and is perfect for home office use or streaming games to the people who aren’t able to make the recording themselves. The circular screen is large and there’s no stretching involved.

This elgato green screen is collapsible and can be taken down to take it with you if you need to use it from a different location or are concerned about your surroundings. Dimensions are 27 x 14.5 x 9cm and weighing about 20.5lbs. The elgato green screen kit a perfect option for any office and recording video use.

There are three categories to consider when choosing green screen backgrounds. They include: portable green screens, portable photography, and studio lighting. Portable cameras have become popular since smartphones took off, but portable cameras are by their very nature very portable.

Portable cameras can be very helpful for marketing videos to your local television station. Portable cameras that you can use from the included carry case can make it simple to transport your equipment to your video meetings. Portable lighting is useful for marketing videos that need to be visible from a distance and need lots of natural light.

Portable lighting can be helpful for marketing videos that you want to have the most natural-looking video footage for Youtube videos. Portable lighting comes in both desk chairs and and-from-screens lighting.

The latter is also helpful because it can be used for filming from the included carry-case and can be useful for filming from the included included carry-case and can be used for filming from home or other locations.

Emart Green Screen Chroma Key Photography Backdrop

The best green screens for chroma key photography include: ChromaKey Collapsible Portable Backdrop and ChromaKey Portable Backdrop. Both are made from sturdy metal. Dimensions are 27.7 x 13.8 x 4.5 inches.

Do you need a Green Screen for Zoom?

No! Zoom calls for a green sheet of paper, but you can use any other color paper you have lying around! Zoom also works with non-reflective backgrounds. You just need enough time to line them up and take your picture. If you want to get started in Zoom right now without any background, you can purchase a Ready-to-Use Green Screen kit here!

Neewer Chromakey Backdrops, Double-Sided Green Screen, and Blue Screen

The best green screens for chroma keying come with blue screening on one side. The blue screening helps to separate you keying from your background and is useful in cases like home studio use or when you want to pull a solid green screen into your own workspace.

If you’re looking for more information on using green screens for photography or other purposes check out this article: Top Green Screen Backdrop Options for Photography and Streaming Video.

ChromaKey Green Paint

ChromaKey Green Paint is made from wrinkle-resistant green paint with chroma key ink. It reflects light more effectively and provides an even background. It is specially optimized for use with green screens.

This color is perfect for office use, and will appear even more green as the camera captures the video later. This paint color is also ideal for camera lighting. The brightness and reflectivity are ideal for camera lighting. It can be used for studio photography, video recording, photography, and home studio use.

Buy Green Screen Paint on Amazon

Savage Seamless Background Paper

The best green screen background paper, the Savage Savage seamless background paper is perfect for chroma keying your images or for chroma keying your videos and background removal.

This seamless background paper is easy to pull-up and out, it will work with chroma keying software that is 32-bit and 64-bit compatiable with Adobe products. Dimensions are 27 inches wide by 14 feet long.

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Webaround Big Shot Office Chair Green Screen

A very popular and essential piece of furniture, this large green screen office chair is perfect if you’re looking for something that is larger than you and offers a bit more versatility than you typically find.

It offers an excellent number of uses, from streaming, to video conferencing, to even telework use. This is another great green screen for you if you want to get started in video conferencing or if you’re looking for something that can be used for video meetings.

Neewer 148x180cm Popup Green Screen

The best Green Screen for Zoom? The EEWER Green Chroma Key Panel Green Color-key panel is specially optimized for use with Zoom calls. Dimensions: 148.76 x 180.76 inches/ 360.76cm x 420.76cm Pop Up Green Color Key Panel

Webaround Big Shot Green Screen

If you’re looking for a portable green sheet, the Big Shot portable screen offers you everything you’ll need to get started in chroma key photography in just a few easy steps. Dimensions are 27 x 20 x 9 inches in size and weigh about 9.8lbs. It offers up plenty of coverage and is perfect for capturing every last bit of your green sheet.

This portable green sheet from Webaround is specially optimized for use with green sheets and can work with other brands and sizes of green screens as well, including collapsible green screens and pop-up screens.

Dimensions are 27 x 20.5 x 10 inches in size and weigh about 9.8lbs. This is perfect for home studio users looking to get started in chroma key photography and home office users who need something to keep handy to team with other tools like lights or tripods.

Reasons to buy

The best green screen for Zoom? That’s easy! It doesn’t need to be as large as other green screens, so you don’t need as much of it. It also means you can keep it more portable if necessary and can transport it if necessary as well. It also means you don’t need to worry about wrinkles.

The light coming out of this screen will be smooth and defined. That means you won’t need to worry about anything coming out of the screen. That makes for smoother video conferencing and more professional results!

Yisitong Green Screen Backdrop

A backdrop is made using Yisitong Green Screen Backdrop. This is perfect for those looking for something that will complement any video conferencing technology you may use or for those interested in creating their own green screen. Yisitong Green Color Backdrop is made from wrinkle-resistant polyurethane and easily pulls-up from any smooth surface.

Additional Kit for Green Screens

If you are using Chroma key technology with your green screens you’ll find the best color brightener is the Collapsible Green Screen Backdrop. It comes with three handy mounting clasps so take care of your green screen equipment and transport.

EMART Portable Green Screen Backdrop

A green screen backdrop is perfect for home studio photography or streaming. Emart green screen backdrops are made of sturdy fabric, are quick and easy to set up and take down, and are easy for home studios to store and take down.

Green screen backdrops come with an attached stand, making them portable as well and making for a more professional-looking green screen. Portable green screens are easy-lift systems allowing you to store them in the included carry bag when you’re ready to use them.

Portable green screens can either be used with Chromakey green paint paint or blue latex paint paint paint. Dimensions are 37-inches x 14-inches.

Pop up background

The best green screen background image for Zoom? Well, if you want to get that professional-looking portable green screen for web calls, you’ve got a few options. Here’s a list of our top green screen effect ideas: green screen backgrounds that work best for Zoom? Portable green screen backgrounds that work best for Zoom?

Fotodiox Collapsible, Reversible Green Screen

The Fotodiox collapsible green screen is easy to set up and use. The Fotodiox green screen fabric easily slips over desk chairs or other items to cover a window or other light source. The Fotodiox screen easily rolls back into the screen case for easy storage and transport.

The Fotodiox screen is Reversible Green or blue screens for any video call. The screen can be placed in either orientation and can also be used with other Fotodiox portable green screens, including Reversible portable green screens sold by Fotodiox. For more information, please visit our Fotodiox portable green screens page.

Emart 6’x9′ Muslin Background

This thick green screen cloth provides the perfect background to drop your own chroma key. Dimensions are 37-inch x 14-inch. It measures 36 inches wide. This is the best green screen that we have ever used and it will last a long time and provide you with many hours of use.

Background Support Stand

A backdrop stand is useful to help make it look like you are using a green screen, or to make it look more like you are in your own office. The background support stands that we just mentioned come in two basic shapes: round, or oval.

You can make an oval support stand from a variety of shapes, such as circle, square, or triangle, or you can make a round, and then you can just tape that to whatever background support you want to use. The circle is just tapered to allow for a certain amount of coverage, but you could tape any circle you wanted to.

You could tape any oval you want to. You could tape any circle to anything you want to. It could be tapered to be rounded to be square to be triangle to be circle to be square to be round to be triangle to be oval to be circle to be oval.


This is just a quick summary on the basics. If you’re looking to buy a green screen for Zoom meeting users then this is the place to go! We will be adding more information about using green screens as we progress. Let us know what you think.