Should The Desk Drawers Be On Left Or Right?

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When it comes to building your workstation to improve efficiency and streamline productivity a few aspects are important. The tools they use for keeping everything organized are essential. A messy desk setup can hinder your ability to finish your work.

So a messy desk helps you organize your To-Do List. This rule of thumb is simple. What hand should I write from? This is often a great way to determine which shelf in a room is needed. You’ll tend to prefer this side of your body anyway, and your hand partiality helps with taking things out of the drawer.

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Should Desk drawers be on Left or Right?

The placement of desk drawers is an issue that has perplexed many of us at some point. There are, in fact, no definitive right or wrong answers to this question. It is entirely up to the person who occupies the desk if they would like their drawers on the left or right side.

The decision of which side to put your desk drawers on is more of a personal preference than anything else. Some people like having their desk drawers on the left because they can easily access them while sitting at their desk, while others might find it easier to have them on the right side with which they are more familiar with.

Many people have a habit of putting their desk drawers on the right side of their desks. But, by placing the drawer on the left side, they can save more space for their work area.

The problems that left-handed people face in the office

Left-hander people still are genuinely surprised because we’re living as right-handed people.

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So let’s examine these daily troubles faced by left-hander employees to determine what solutions are available. Your days of elbow hitting are over now as does your office ergonomics.

Desk drawers on the left of the desk are more comfortable for right-handed people. This is because they can reach them easily by turning their body to the left. But what about left-handed people? Left-handed people find it difficult to access their desk drawers because they have to turn their bodies too far away from their desks.

And this is not all, there are other problems that a left-handed person faces in the office like stick pens, scissors, and rulers that are designed for right-handers only. The best way to address this problem is by designing a writing desk or office furniture with open spaces or including a drawer on both sides of the desk which will make access easier for everyone.

Left-handed people have to deal with the issue of desk drawers being on the right side. This can be a serious issue when they need to share their office space with another person because it means that all the desk drawers would be on the same side.

Target Theory – Organize your desk drawers

Some organizational specialists refer to another method we’ll call ‘target theory’ This theory outlines the significance of accessibility and dictates where you place every item for the best convenience. It’s important because desk drawers have crucial functions as an organizational system. The center drawer of the target should represent everything that you use every day.

It could represent a keyboard, your phone, a notebook or sticky notes, and something to write. It is great for additional office supplies and the larger file cabinets can hold papers that you commonly take out to use. The added bonus to the clean desk philosophy aids you in and your workstation and desk setup surface staying organized.

Optional Left or Right Drawer Setup

Finding the right spot for your dresser might be surprisingly hard. You could also find some cleaner space by moving tables without drawers.

If you’re looking for more storage without having to tear down any furniture, then you might want to get a freestanding vanity with a drawer set like this one around the corner. These desks often have wheels and can be maneuvered around easily. There are a lot of choices to suit almost any design style, some even coming in sets with the desk that the individual buyers prefer.

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You can customize your desk setup to fit your needs, either with more organization or less and you’ll be happy with the result. You also get more custom drawer configurations or extra storage cabinets, so you don’t have to live with the options your desk offers.

Clean surface organized drawers

When you optimize your desk drawer for the way you work best, it’ll keep you efficient and give you more room. This will help people focus on more important things while they’re at their desk space or computer desk.

Sometimes desk drawers can get a little cluttered with different things. This often leads to you not being able to find your work quickly enough, which is why it’s important to stay organized.

Organization specialists say that storing items by dominant hand will make you less likely to take them out and more likely to put them back where they belong.

Should I have drawers on both sides?

There are desks with side drawers that can keep your things organized. An L-shaped desk might be good to have more room for the stuff you use less often.

No matter what desk you choose, make sure it comes with plenty of storage space for files/papers or else it’ll get cluttered quickly. How well do they store their work in offices? This may sound like a small task but it does have major effects on your work productivity and your life.

FAQs – People also Ask Section

Which side of the desk should the drawers be on, left or right?

It all depends on what you can do best. If you are a right-handed person and you need to reach for your mouse often, then it’s better to put the drawer on the other side of your desk. You want easily accessible items and important documents within easy reach.

Why do desks have drawers on both sides?

Desks usually have drawers on both sides for various reasons. Some people might say that it is because we use them for storage and organization, but there are other explanations.

Drawers were originally designed to hold paper and pens. When you looked at a desk from the front or side, you could see all of the drawers at once and it would give the appearance of a neat desk. Nowadays, desks tend to be used less for writing and more for things like laptops or tablets so there aren’t as many pens or sheets of paper lying around.

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Should a desk have drawers?

We should always keep our desks clear of clutter. Clutter not only slows down productivity, it also creates an atmosphere of disorganization and disorder. This is why it is important to have a tidy desk with no drawers.

It is important to have a tidy desk without drawers because they slow you down from being productive. They create an atmosphere of disorganization and disorder as well.

How do you use desk drawers?

Desk drawers can be used to store small items that are not in use, such as pens, paper clips and staples.

Some people also use them to store their favorite snacks so they have something handy when they need it.

Desk drawers are a great accessory for any desk. They help clean up the clutter and improve efficiency.

What should I put in my top desk drawer?

A top desk drawer is a perfect place for storing stationery items that you use daily, but it’s also a great place to store other items that might be more difficult to find elsewhere in the office.

Your top desk drawer can make or break your work day! It’s important to have everything you need at your fingertips, and this includes pens, post-it notes, scissors, and more. Whether you’re an office lady sitting at her desk all day or a freelancer who moves from meeting room to meeting room, it’s important that your desktop is stocked with everything you might need.

A pen and paper are the must-have items in a top desk drawer.

Pen and paper go together like milk and cookies. It is the most basic, yet essential item to have with you when you are executing any task.


There are two popular schools of thought on this.

Some people believe that the home office desk should be organized according to the user’s dominant hand. They would say that it is more natural to have drawers on the left side.

Other people believe it is better to have drawers on the right side because they are more likely to be able to reach them without having to move their chairs or lean over too much.

One could argue that it depends on the person which side they are more comfortable with, or which side they are more likely to be able to reach quickly without having to move their chair too much. Totally depends on if they are a left handed person or right handed person.

The only real deciding factor is if you want your desk drawers on the same side as your working space surface or the opposite of it.

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