Do Office Chairs Have Gas In Them? Find Out Now! 3 Helpful Ways to Boost Your Comfort

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A comfortable office chair is essential in keeping you productive and pain-free during long working hours. But have you ever wondered what makes your office chair rise and fall so smoothly? Do office chairs have gas in them? In this article, we’ll delve into the science behind your office chair’s gas lift mechanism and discover the benefits and drawbacks of this common chair feature.

Why is a new office chair necessary? Basically, it ensures you are comfortable while you sit for extended periods of time.  The majority of office chairs are powered by pneumatic gas cylinders that use pressurized air to adjust the height of the chair.

The chair will begin to sag over time as it is used. The gas cylinder in the chair may be damaged at the moment. The last thing you want is for your chair to explode under you as you get comfortable.

Most office chair manufacturers follow the manufacturing regulations for gaming chairs and office chairs are so strict, it’s pretty rare for them to explode, but it has happened before. Yes, most modern chairs have gas cylinders that can explode because they allow you to adjust the height.

There is a very low probability of this happening, and it has only happened in a few cases, so there’s no real reason to be concerned. As always, we will be demonstrating how gas cylinders function and why office chair explosions occasionally explode in this article.

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Does an office chair contain gas?

So what is the answer to if office chairs have gas in them? In simple words, it has Nitrogen Gas. There are basically two parts to a standard gas cylinder for an office chair. Its diameter is 28 mm or 1.19 inches. Gas springs are what is at the top of the gas spring. Gas springs are used to hold nitrogen gas under pressure and some engine oil as a lubricant. 

Can gas office chairs explode?

Basically, yes. There is a very good reason why this question has been asked, and that has primarily to do with the fact that there have been a couple of instances where a computer chair has burst into flames, which can be extremely scary for anyone who has a computer chair. To understand exactly how a pressurized gas cylinder operates, we should first look at the instances in which explosions did occur.

What are the chances of an office chair exploding?

Earlier in 2009, a 14-year-old boy had died in Shandong Province, China, from an explosion in his office chair. His bloodied body was lacerated by metal fragments as the chair exploded and he was hit by steel fragments. Gas cylinders were to blame for the explosion.

There was a story in 2008 that we are aware of. An office chair explosion caused the ejection of a 150mm steel rod from an exploding chair, injuring a 65-year-old man in the back and arms. In addition to hitting the ceiling, the steel rod was thrown so forcefully that it ended up striking it. You don’t want to wake up to something like that on a Monday morning at work!

Despite the morbid nature of these incidents, you shouldn’t worry in the least when you shop for an office chair. Most manufacturers of office chairs adhere to strict safety and comfort standards, especially if you buy from a reputable retailer.

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In 2013, an office chair exploded. The office chair explosion resulted in quite serious injuries for a Chinese woman. She was sitting on the chair, drying her hair simply, when all of a sudden, the chair exploded. As her brother relates, she was only doing simple things like drying her hair. Surgeons saved her from certain death by removing fragments of plastic and screws from her flesh.

The majority of the incidents in which we talked about pressurized tanks found inside chairs ended up exploding. Pressurized canisters with a bigger size usually have more extreme force, harming the user of the chair more.

These incidents were likely caused by the use of cheap airlift chairs and their poor quality. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers try to eliminate air pressure from their chairs.

Therefore, when a canister of air or gas compression is performed, it can produce enough energy for an explosion to occur. Hydraulic, gas and mechanical pressurized chairs are the three types of air-pressurized office chairs available on the market.

Most chairs for the office today actually have a gas pressure system, so you can confirm the type of chair by checking whether the cylinder is there.

What causes a gas cylinder on a desk to explode?

Gas cylinders typically come in two parts in most office chairs. Gas springs are top parts that contain nitrogen and oil sent through a pressurized system to lubricate moving parts, also known as gas springs. An actuator or switch is located in this part of the cylinder, so you can adjust the chair’s height. Where the piston goes is on the other side of the cylinder. There is a mechanism at the back of your chair that allows it to be raised and lowered.

Why do Office chairs explode?

Nitrogen is an excellent pressurized gas for a variety of reasons. Nitrogen does not change much in pressure over time, so it maintains a constant amount of pressure. It is also effective in preventing oxidation and rust. Thus, it is ideal for filing office chairs’ cylinders. If compressed nitrogen gas concentrations are so high, what could cause the cylinders to leak?

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This may happen for three reasons:

To cut costs, regular air might be used:

For one thing, those cylinders might not contain nitrogen at all! That’s correct. Manufacturers don’t always follow the recommended safety measures. The cylinders of some dishonest office chairs are pressurized with regular air rather than nitrogen to cut their costs. Rust is caused by oxygen, which is present in the air. When the pressurized cylinder rusts, an explosion may occur due to a leak.

A lack of strict safety regulations:

Throughout the world, for example in Europe and North America, governments are strict about gas cylinder safety and quality. Your office chair, however, may have been made in a country where these standards don’t exist. There are some savings to be made by purchasing office chairs from these suppliers, however, you also increase your risk. Office chair safety should be everyone’s priority and not about the bottom dollar to save a dime.

Abusive use:

The gas cylinders in your office chair might explode even if it is fitted with the best gas cylinders available. If you drop a heavy object on these chairs, you will see that they will explode dramatically. An intentional strike or puncture of the canister may have the same effect. It is very unlikely that someone would deliberately damage your chair in this manner. A person who repeatedly jumps up and down on an office chair with a gas cylinder greatly increases the chance of an explosion.

Office Chair Pistons

Final words: Do Office Chairs Have Gas In Them?

Because exploding office and gaming chairs are rare, don’t worry about them. Find an office or gaming chair that meets all of these requirements and that you will enjoy using. Instead of worrying about the chair, you can concentrate on the work!

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